Banana Chips: The Staple From Kerala We Can’t Resist
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Kerala is referred to as 'God's own country,’ and we wholeheartedly agree. There is nothing we don't like about this place, from its incredible cuisine to its stunning backwaters.  

We've all grown up eating and nibbling on various types of potato wafers available in the market, and it's still most people's favourite snack. But have you ever considered banana chips? You've probably heard of it, as it's a popular snack from south India but how many times have you tried it? 

As we all know, Kerala is known for its bananas and variety, therefore it's only logical that they make these amazing and scrumptious banana chips.  Despite the fact that banana chips are now created and manufactured nearly everywhere in the country and even abroad, we cannot overlook the fact that Kerala was one of the first to offer this wonderful snack to the market. 

Banana chips, commonly known as 'upperi,' is a snack produced by frying banana slices in coconut oil and then salting them. This is the original banana chip recipe; however, several additional variations exist in which red chilli powder and other condiments are added to make banana chips spicier. 

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Traditionally, Raw ‘Nendran’ bananas are used to make these chips. These are very popular in Kerala and are gaining popularity in other states of India as well.  


Image source-Freepik

You can try to make your own batch of banana chips at home by following this simple recipe: 

Ingredients needed: 

    3-4 unripe bananas 

    2 cups of coconut oil (preferably organic) 

    3 cups water 

    1 tsp haldi 

    1 tbsp chilli powder 

    Salt to taste  


    Cut the bananas in slices and put them in water containing haldi and salt for 5 minutes.  

    After 5 minutes, take out the banana slices and give them a good rinse 

    Heat the 2 cups of coconut oil in your kadhai 

    When the oil gets hot(smoking point), start putting banana slices slowly and in batches.  

    Fry them until golden brown 

    Sprinkle with salt and red chilli powder 

    Serve or store in an air - tight container.   

You may create your own batch of banana chips for an evening snack by following this short and simple recipe. So put down your potato wafers and try these banana chips instead. It pairs up perfectly with your hot cup of tea. I am confident that not only you, but your entire family will gladly replace potato chips with these.