Bajigur: A Popular Indonesian Drink To Indulge You In Cozy Vibes

Do you love winters but hate the harsh cold weather that gets you shivering and makes you want to cuddle up in a quilt? The best way to warm up yourself is by sipping on a piping hot beverage that can comfort you in times of bitterly cold weather. This year beat back the winter chill by getting yourself hooked on a popular beverage from Indonesia. Bajigur is a traditional Indonesian hot drink native to the Sundanese people of West Java, Indonesia. This Indonesian drink is jam-packed with whole goodness and pleasing sweet flavours with a hint of ginger. The drink is traditionally brewed by clubbing together all ingredients such as warm and fresh coconut milk, coffee, palm sugar and pandan leaves for enhancing the aroma, along with a pinch of salt sprinkled over the top. In Indonesia, people immensely love binging on bajigur at any time of the day; with that in mind, it is sold throughout the country in vendor carts that travels from villages to urban cities. These carts are equipped with portable stoves to keep the beverage hot, as an ideal way of embracing this drink is by drinking it sizzling hot. The local people enjoy this beverage by accompanying it with traditional snacks such as steamed bananas, boiled sweet potatoes or a bowl of roasted peanuts. So take good care of yourself on chilly days by indulging in a wholesome drink that will deliver you warmth and delight. Here are a few steps to keep in mind while brewing this drink at home. 


  • 30ml coconut milk 
  • Half tablespoon freshly grated ginger 
  • Pinch of salt
  • 2-3 pandan leaves
  • 1 tablespoon coffee powder 
  • 1 tablespoon sugar

Steps in the making-

  • First, take a saucepan and boil the coconut milk until it turns warm. Next, add some pandan leaves into it. 
  • Take a glass and pour boiled coconut milk into it. Then, add the rest of the ingredients to the glass.
  • There you go, Bajigur is ready to serve hot and enjoy.