Bagels For The Night: 7 Quick Snacks For Delightful Satisfaction
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The visions of a chewy and crusty bagel with a dollop of cream can always make you crave these doughy delights no matter how full you are. These hole-in-the-middle treats can resemble a savoury doughnut, but while doughnuts remain limited to breakfast, bagels are savoured all day long. 

All bagels are formed with a yeast-risen dough that is shaped like a ring and then boiled in brine. Then the boiled dough is baked, creating a chewy inside and crusty outside. Coming in a variety of flavours like plain, sesame, poppy seed, or cinnamon raisin, bagels can be way more than just a piece of bread. You can use it as a sandwich bun, use it for French toast and even make a pizza with it.

These dough treats are perfect to satiate your late-night cravings. Pair it with jam or spread cream cheese on top, it forms a delightful treat to add fun to nighttime snacking while you enjoy a late-night binge-movie session or call friends for a fun baking spree.

7 Bagel Snacks For Late-Night Satisfaction

1) Cream Cheese Bagel

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The chewy bagel ring slathered with creamy cheese spread in the middle contrasts the crispy exterior, giving a satisfying mouthfeel. Whether enjoyed plain or topped with additional flavours, a cream cheese bagel is a perfect treat, delighting you with its simplicity.

2) Bagel Sandwich

Slicing a bagel bun from the middle and filling in lettuce, vegetables, cheese and proteins, can make a satisfying sandwich like never before. This sandwich tastes much better with bagels because of its crispy crust.

3) Bagel Pizza

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This new take on classic bagels is worth dying for. Using bagel buns as the crust for pizza and topping it with tantalising pizza sauce, veggies and cheeses makes this delightful mini pizza. With readymade bagels, you can make this pizza in minutes.

4) Bagel with Sunny Side Up

Topping up your bagel with a sunny side up is not only a breakfast staple, it can be a satisfying nighttime snack too. Featuring a halved bagel topped with freshly cooked egg with a golden, runny yolk creates a wholesome meal to fulfil your hunger.

5) Bagel Casserole

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If you want to create a comforting dish that’s fit for the crowd, bagel casserole is a perfect option for you. It is made by layering sliced bagels with ingredients like eggs, cheese, vegetables, and proteins of your choice. After soaking the bagels in a seasoned egg mixture, the casserole is baked until it's golden and puffy.

6) Bagel Avocado Toast

While avocados and bagels sound like a morning meal, they can work as a sleep inducer for late-night satisfaction. Sandwiching avocado and cream cheese with halved bagels is how you can make this quick snack without hassle.

7) Peanut Butter Banana Bagel

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Peanut butter and banana both are extremely gratifying when late-night hunger calls. Making a quick sandwich with a bagel, peanut butter and banana is how you can make this treat. Use as much peanut butter as you like to make this snack your way.

These bagel recipes are extremely comforting and gratifying that’ll give you absolute relief from hunger. After having these snacks, you’ll always want to have bagels in your pantry to whip these dishes up promptly.