Bael Ka Sharbat: 4 Health Benefits Of Drinking Wood Apple Juice
Image Credit: Bael Ka Sharbat

In summers, a glass of Bael Ka Sharbat or wood apple juice eliminates all your troubles. Bael is medicine for heatstroke (loo), and it helps us keep our body hydrated. This native fruit is rich in nutrients and medicinal properties. According to a study, bael or wood apple contains water, sugar, protein, fibre, fat, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C and riboflavin. 

Health Benefits Of Bael Sharbat Or Wood Apple Juice

Bael Sharbat acts as a tonic for the heart and brain and is traditionally used to cure many health problems. It contains chemicals like tannins, flavonoids and coumarins, which reduce inflammation. As per a study printed in the journal The Pharma Innovation, Bael is a fragrant, cooling laxative that prevents nose bleeding. Wood apple syrup helps prevent scurvy, strengthens the stomach and aids digestion. Bael also has anti-fungal and anthelmintic properties, which flush out internal toxins from the body. 

Apart from treating diarrhoea, bael sharbat helps to manage the following health conditions: 

  1. Helps in Healing Ulcers: Research has shown that bael forms a coating on the stomach mucosa when consumed as a drink and helps heal ulcers. 
  2. Bael treats cholera: Wood apple juice is a high source of tannins, essential for cholera treatment. It is about 20 per cent in the peel and about 9 per cent in the pulp. Wood apple fruit is believed to be a cure for cholera. 
  3. Bael Regulates Cholesterol: Bael juice regulates lipid profile, triglycerides and lowers blood cholesterol levels. You can take expert advice before consuming it. 
  4. Bael manages diabetes: Bael syrup contains laxatives that keep blood sugar levels in control, thereby helping manage diabetes. 

(If you want to use wood apple juice or bael syrup as a treatment for any health condition, do it only after consulting an expert.)