In summers, you can find Bael sherbet at every nook and corner. Drinking it refreshes you and provides relief from the troubles caused by heat. But do you know that drinking bael sherbet can also be harmful to some people? Though Bael juice is considered very beneficial because it is rich in minerals like tannins, calcium, phosphorous, fibre, protein, iron etc. In summer, the sweetness of bael gives the body both energy and freshness, but certain people should not consume it. And after all, excess of anything can have side effects!

Diabetic patients

People usually think that artificial sugar is harmful to them, but let us tell you that natural sugar is also detrimental if you have diabetes. Consuming a small amount of bael is beneficial in controlling blood sugar. But consuming too much of it is not good. Apart from this, a lot of sugar is also added to the bael syrup available in the market. Therefore, diabetic patients should not consume it in excess.


Consumption of bael is considered suitable for digestion and stomach. But excessive consumption of bael sherbet or fruit can also cause many stomach problems. This can lead to problems like indigestion, constipation and dysentery. Apart from this, there may also be abdominal pain and bloating at times. Therefore, one should not drink more than one glass of bael syrup at a time.

Pregnant women

At times the consumption of bael sherbet or bael fruit can be dangerous for pregnant women. Although there isn't any scientific evidence for it, many cases have seen a risk of miscarriage by its consumption. Therefore, it is better not to consume too much bael during pregnancy or always consult your doctor before consuming.

Thyroid patients

Bael sherbet does not harm thyroid patients, but the elements present in bael can react with thyroid medicine. As a result of this, after-effects can be seen on the body. Therefore, if someone is taking thyroid medicine, they should avoid bael sherbet or bael fruit.

People recovering from surgery

Bael juice should not be consumed pre and post-surgery. It has been found that drinking bael juice during surgery increases blood sugar levels. Therefore, bael sherbet should not be consumed for at least two weeks before and after surgery.