Back To School: Yummy And Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Your Toddler
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After two long years of homeschooling and online classes, your kids are now back on campus, and it’s heartening to see their happy faces. But while it is a refreshing start, spending long hours at school means that you need to ensure that your little ones are eating the right kind of food for breakfast to help them sustain themselves until they have their lunch break in school. So here are some easy and nutritious dishes for your fussy little eaters before they set out for school.

  • Egg And Cheese: Healthy and filling, this is one of the best and quickest breakfast options you can serve your little ones. You need to boil eggs and cut them lengthwise into two halves. Sprinkle a little salt and pepper on top and keep it aside. Now, cut some cheese into small square pieces. Spruce up your boiled eggs with the cheese. You may add one layer of salty, crunchy Monaco biscuits before adding the cheese for a munchy delight. The eggs will provide the necessary protein, while the cheese will ensure your kid is energised for a few hours.
  • Sandwiches: If your child is not a trouble-maker during breakfast, you can try a variety of sandwiches. From cucumber and mayo sandwiches to the ones made with small pieces of paneer and cheese slices, you have a variety of options for a scrumptious breakfast. First, cut the sandwich into small pieces for the convenience of your toddler. Then, serve with tomato ketchup for a delightful morning treat.
  • Banana Shake: For the fussy eaters who do not want to chew and eat in the morning, one of the easiest ways to fill their little tummy is to make a glass of banana shake. Bananas will keep them full while ensuring they get their quota of nutrients, and milk will boost their energy and keep them strong. Add some vanilla essence while blending the milk and bananas along with sugar.
  • Fruit Custard: Sweet, healthy and tasty, custard pudding is an all-time favourite with kids of every age. Whether it is the yellow, creamy vanilla flavoured custard or the pink strawberry custard, you can make a wholesome breakfast. Cut fruits like bananas, apples and mangoes and add the custard to the bowl. Your little ones will be nourished with the goodness of milk and the nutrients of fresh fruits while enjoying this yummy brekkie.
  • Dry Fruit Laddoos: For a quick filler, let your toddler have a dry fruit laddoo made with pure desi ghee and dry fruits like raisins, cashews, almonds and walnuts - a wholesome snack that will help him sustain for quite a few hours.

Toddlers often throw a tantrum while eating before school every morning. So, all you need is to be a little creative and whip up nutritious and tasty dishes.

Satarupa B Kaur has been writing professionally for a decade. Always on the go, she loves to travel, read books and enjoy playtime with her toddler as she explores new places and food.