Try These 7 Ayurvedic Remedies To Heal A Wound
Image Credit: Ayurvedic Remedies For Heal Wounding

Ayurvedic Treatment For Wounds: Open wounds are painful and messy and take time to heal completely. Applying ointments to the injury might help, but that’s a slow process, but ayurvedic remedies may heal the wounds quickly. In addition, these remedies would ensure your wound is disinfected. But before that, let us learn about injuries. 

What causes wounds or injuries? 

A wound occurs when the skin gets cut with a sharp object such as a knife, razor, or a piece of glass. However, internal injuries are caused by hitting, scratching, etc. Hematomas, also called tumours of the blood, are caused by severe damage to a blood vessel or injury due to prolonged pressure. Acute, painful or traumatic wounds are caused by injuries that break the tissue. 

Here are some ayurvedic home remedies to prevent infection and provide quick healing  

  • Castor oil and neem leaves: A homemade ointment can be made by roasting sesame and neem leaves with castor oil and grinding them with turmeric and camphor. This ointment will heal the bruise quickly. 
  • Coconut oil and camphor: Boil camphor in coconut oil and apply it to the swollen area. Then very next day, wash it with warm water. This reduces the swelling caused due to internal injury.  
  • Garlic juice: A mixture prepared by combining garlic juice and turmeric with sesame oil reduces swelling and heals injuries quickly.
  • Ground mint: Putting ground mint in a cloth and placing it on the bruise will heal quickly without any fear of infection.   
  • Sandalwood paste: Do you know your wounds will heal quickly if you apply sandalwood paste to them?

  • Raw banana juice: Apply natural banana juice to the cut, as it would cure it rapidly.
  • Healthy Tip: Consuming orange, grapefruit, garlic, carrot helps in the healing of injuries. 

If you do not get relief from the above remedies, then consult a specialist.