Ayurveda-Approved Eating Habits That Can Keep Your Gut Healthy
Image Credit: Eating habit (Picture Courtesy: Pixabay)

Whether it is bloating, diarrhea, or acid reflux, any digestive issue has a direct link to your gut health. What you eat and drink plays a significant role in the functioning of your digestive system. That’s why we are asked to eat gut-healthy food items. An active gut mechanism can help in better digestion, preventing infections related to the stomach, boosting immunity, and more. One of the safest ways to opt for keeping your gut in the prime of its health is by trying the Ayurvedic method. This age-old natural way of keeping yourself healthy suggests the following things:

Eat Only When You Feel Hungry

You must prevent yourself from eating unnecessarily. Most of the time we tend to opt for unhealthy food items for snacking. These edibles are not good for the gut microbiome. Therefore, you are required to come up with a proper meal plan as per your body clock. Have food at regular intervals.

Keep Distractions Away

Watching TV or reading a book while having food is a habit that most of us share. However, we should not indulge in any such activity while enjoying a meal. Distraction makes you chew less and just gulp down food. This puts extra pressure on your digestive system to digest the food. The right way to eat is by sitting on the floor in a calm surroundings without any distractions.

Say no to Leftovers

Everyone must have freshly cooked food. Eating leftovers is not an advisable habit. Fresh and warm foods preserve digestive Agni and help in the proper functioning of digestive enzymes.

Pay Attention to Food

Ayurveda suggests people pay attention to the food they are eating. From savouring each bite to appreciating the food aroma, and enjoying the flavours of the food, you need to be aware of everything. This aids gut health.