Ayodhya Ram Mandir Devotees To Be Served Food In Dona Pattal
Image Credit: Vecteezy

In preparation for the Ram Mandir consecration set to take place four days from now, a local mill has made the thoughtful contribution of supplying dona patal plates for devotees to relish meals and prasadam from. The Janmabhoomi temple received this eco-friendly contribution from Yash Pakka Limited Mill to feed the devotees at ‘bhandaras’ set up by the Shree Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra as a way to reduce the effects of pollution and non-recyclable waste. The Mandir Trust was the recipient of this contribution which includes plates of varying types and bowls, that will be utilised to cater to the lakhs of devotees arriving from within the country and overseas.

Image Credits: Eco Soul Home India

The mill manufacturing these produts has also been supplying them for sale in foreign countries for many years, have decided to see this contribution through until the praan pratishtha ceremony is completed. Gautam Ghosh, the Executive Director of the mill also shared with the media that they were requested by the Trust to supply their cutlery to all the bhandaras set up across the city, to curb the harsh effect of the higher quantity of waste.

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He also added that efforts were being made to keep Ayodhya plastic-free as much as possible, and that the plates and bowls made with bagasse – a by-product of sugarcane – are easier to compost, decompose or even get eaten by animals. Hence, this waste can also be used to fertilise the soil, making it an ideal material that is less harsh on the environment than plastic.