Avoiding Dairy Products? Use These Milk For Coffee

In recent years, the popularity of non-dairy alternatives has greatly increased. Whereas a lot of this interest is brought on by people who are lactose intolerant, have health issues, or have certain allergies, veganism has also become more popular as a result of increased ethical awareness. Due to these reasons, many people are choosing to replace dairy with plant- or nut-based alternatives, although there is frequently concern that many of them have strong flavours that don't always go well with coffee. 

What is the best non-dairy substitute for coffee? We've put up this guide to answer all of your questions if you're just starting out on the vegan lifestyle or simply trying to make healthier decisions. 

There are a few things to think about when selecting the best non-dairy substitute for your coffee. The taste of each drink on the list below is highly distinctive; some are sweet, some are bitter, and some have powerful flavours. The second factor is texture; each drink made from plants or nuts has a special texture. Finally, keep in mind that some beverages will froth up beautifully while others won't at all, so think about how you prefer your beverage steamed in your coffee! 

Oats Milk 

The greatest non-dairy substitute for coffee currently on the market, oat beverages are swiftly overtaking the competition. Many people have claimed that it is essentially an exact replica of the original, albeit with a little oat-y flavour. Oat beverages are rich and full-bodied, but they don't sacrifice too much protein, which is frequently a worry with plant-based drinks. They are also reasonably low in fat. For fans of cappuccinos and lattes, it also has a rich, silky texture and the ability to produce a significant amount of foam. 

Soy Milk 

One of the most well-known plant-based beverages on this list, soy drinks have a sizable fan base. It's far more accessible than other options and a fantastic option for people with nut allergies, so chances are good that you'll find it at practically any coffee shop or supermarket. Due to its bland flavour, high protein content, and low sugar and fat content, it's frequently regarded as one of the best non-dairy alternatives to coffee. Having said that, it is prone to splitting or curdling in coffee that has a strong acidity or is very hot, so for the best outcome, we advise letting it cool slightly beforehand. 

Almond Milk 

This kind of non-dairy beverage is likewise very well-liked, although due to its mild bitterness, many people may find it difficult to like. It has less calories than other nut-based drinks, but because it is also lower in protein and fibre, it has less nutritional value. Almond beverages work best when coupled with lighter roasts that have less acidity because blends with more acidity might make them curdle and taste a bit too harsh (like soy). For people who enjoy foamy coffees, it's also important to know that the normal varieties don't froth all that well; nonetheless, products and services that match varieties have been created for this purpose. 

Coconut Milk 

If you want your coffee to have a somewhat more exotic flavour, coconut milk is a great option. This is perhaps one of the greatest non-dairy alternatives to coffee if you enjoy the flavour of coconut, but not everyone will enjoy it because the flavour may be fairly overpowering. It can also be frothed, however it will create larger bubbles than your normal options because of the excellent thick and creamy consistency, which won't dilute your drink. 

Rice Milk 

Another fantastic option is rice milk, especially for people who are allergic to nuts or soy. It is regarded as one of the greatest non-dairy alternatives to coffee since its flavour is mild and neutral, enabling the flavour of the blend to stand out. It's also more watery than others, which makes it more likely to dilute coffee and prevent foaming, making it inappropriate for foamy coffees. Because rice drinks have less protein than other types, some people opt to avoid them.