Avoid These 5 Common Mistakes To Save Your Curries
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Indian cuisine is known for its bold and rich flavours and it is popular not only in India but also all over the world. Popular dishes like butter chicken, chicken tikka masala, and others have become favourites in many countries such as the United Kingdom and America. Curries are the heart of Indian cuisine and to get the most authentic and original flavour and experience of Indian cuisine, you need to master the art of perfect curries.

Therefore, we bring you some common mistakes that you need to avoid to get the perfect curry every single time.

Not Respecting The Proper Order

Follow the recipe as it is supposed to be to get the best curry and a delightful experience. Most experienced chefs and cooks will swear by the importance of following a recipe in the right order. So when you are making a curry, don't rush it and stop putting in all the ingredients at once or randomly. Doing this will completely ruin your dish.

So, make sure you follow the recipe properly and get the best-tasting curry every time.

Forgetting To Thicken The Gravy

The most flavourful part of curry is not the meat chunks, paneer, or the chole but the gravy that flows around them. A great curry will have a thick and smooth gravy that will enhance your experience to a whole other level. That's the reason why the curries at the restaurant and dhabas taste so velvety and satisfying.

Simply chop your tomatoes and onions into slices and mix it well with your gravy to thicken it. You can also use cornstarch.

Tasting The Curry Directly When It's Made

You need to keep tasting and smelling your curry to get an idea of what you lack when it's cooking. This puts you in a position to make a quick change right away as the curry hasn't been made yet. Every good cook follows this simple practice.

Tasting the curry directly once it's made doesn't give you the freedom to make instant changes while you also run with the risk of overcooking if you do need to make any change.

Messing Up With Salt

Salt is easily the most indispensable ingredient in every cuisine all over the world and Indian cuisine is no different. You can get the right measurement of your salt by only practising and making food over a period of time. That's the reason why experienced cooks get the amount of salt right.

That being said, salt can make or break your curry, so be careful with the amount of salt you want to add. If you are following a recipe, then incorporate the amount which is said in it. Or ask someone experienced like your mom or grandmother if you are making food for your family.

Being Too Hasty

It is no secret that everyone is running short on time these days and to save some of their time, people often rush their cooking. Well, this is understandable but you shouldn't allow this if you want to get a curry that tastes fabulous.

You need to allow the tomatoes and onion to properly roast and mix well in the gravy along with the other spices. Not rushing your curries allows the flavours to develop at the pace they are supposed as well as the aroma.