Athiya Shetty’s Charcuterie Board Is All Things Delicious
Image Credit: Athiya Shetty/Instagram, The actor devours a delectable charcuterie spread.

The idea of serving food at parties has evolved over the years. From elaborate and extravagant setups, people have now moved more towards lighter and easier options. Bite-sized portions and finger food are quite a favourite at house parties, and one such trend that has emerged lately is the charcuterie board. Looks like Athiya Shetty has been bitten by this bug too, as the actor was recently spotted enjoying one at home.

She took to her Instagram stories to share a glimpse of her charcuterie board with her followers. But what is this charcuterie board? The term ‘charcuterie’ is derived from two French words - where ‘chair’ refers to ‘flesh’, while ‘cuit’ is a term used for ‘cooked’, meaning ‘cured’ or ‘cooked meats’. The idea of a charcuterie board has evolved to mean a platter or board that is filled with all kinds of processed meat like  salami, bacon, and sausages, along with different varieties of cheese, breads, fruits, and dipping sauces to accompany them.

The one we spotted in Athiya’s stories consisted of red berries and cream crackers as well as meaty bites like salami and bite-sized pieces of sausages. There was also a block of cheese in the centre, and a few slices of bread cut out from a loaf. There were some olives and jalapenos too, along with a creamy mayonnaise dip on the side. The charcuterie board looked really wholesome and delicious. 

The actor had got it from an eco-friendly grazing table company in Mumbai, called @thetheatricplatter, as she tagged them in her story. However, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen the Mubarkan actor satiate her cravings. Earlier too, we caught her digging into lip-smacking food at this fancy fusion restaurant in Mumbai, serving Nikkei cuisine. This interesting cuisine is a culmination of Peruvian flavours with Japanese cooking techniques. This was another proof of the fact that Athiya likes to try out different things when it comes to food and that’s what we believe is the sign of a true foodie.