Assam's Judima Rice Wine Becomes First Brew From Northeastern Region to Bag GI Tag
Image Credit: Rice wine (Picture Courtesy: Shutterstock)

A few days ago, we told you about Manipur’s Hathei chilli and Tamenglong orange when they received the GI tag and were in news for the same reason. For those living under a rock, GI tag or geographical indication is a sign that’s awarded to a commodity that has a specific status or quality primarily due to its place of origin. This label not only confirms a product’s authenticity but also prevents its misuse by a third party that may sell something by falsely giving it the name of that reputed product without conforming to the applicable standards. 

Rice wine (Picture Courtesy: Shutterstock)

It takes around one week to prepare Judima wine. The process includes mixing steamed rice with an array of traditional herbs. You can store this wine for years without worrying about its quality and taste. Judima rice wine is known to have a distinct sweet taste that you won’t experience after having any other rice wine. 

Still, we have provided a recipe for rice wine, in case you wish to make that.