Asian Stuffed Cabbage Rolls For Your Loaded, Oriental Cravings
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What is Stuffed Cabbage Rolls?

The fillings are placed inside the cabbage leaves, and then the leaves are rolled and stuffed again. Several options are available, including steaming, baking, or simmering in a sauce. Throughout the world, stuffed cabbage recipes differ greatly by cuisine; it is most common in Asia, Africa, and Europe. There are also differences in the sauces used. Because I'm preparing this dish with an Asian flair, This recipe used a combination of soy sauce, oyster sauce, and sesame oil. In addition to tomato sauce and vinaigrette, many versions of this dish also contain yogurt and jam. The Chinese Stuffed Cabbage Roll is filled with ground beef, carrots, mushrooms, and umami sauce. This hearty and healthy dish is perfect for lunch or dinner when served with rice.

History of Cabbage Rolls

Even though the direct heritage of cabbage rolls cannot be determined, the dish can be traced back to Jewish cooking around 2,000 years ago. Jews from Galicia and Ukraine prefer sweet and sour sauces, while Romanians and northern Poles enjoy savory sauces. Throughout the centuries, this traditional dish has been adapted in countless ways.

Stuffed Cabbage Rolls Variations

By adding cooked rice or grains to the filling, it can be made into an all-in-one dish. To accommodate this bulkier version, use larger leaves.

Add some Sriracha to the sauce if you like your rolls spicy.

You can make a vegan version of this dish by omitting the meat and adding more mushrooms instead. Additionally, you can use mock meat, tofu, or add more plant proteins such as lentils. It is also necessary to skip the oyster sauce and use soy sauce mixed with maple syrup or agave nectar.

Use ground chicken or turkey meat if you prefer a low-carb option. These meats require less steaming time.

Asian cuisine

1. Asian Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

2. 16 oz minced pork

3. 1 tsp sesame oil

4. 4 tbsp ginger, grated

5. 4 large cloves of garlic, grated

6. 1 spring onion, greens too, minced

7. 1/4 tsp red pepper flakes

8. 1 tbsp rice vinegar

9. 1 tbsp soy sauce

10. 1 tsp sugar

11. 8 large napa cabbage leaves

12. Sauce

13. 2/3 cup hoisin

14. 3 tbsp rice vinegar

15. 1 tsp garlic paste

16. 1 tsp sesame oil

Serve With

1. Jasmine rice

2. Pickled vegetables (sliced carrot/radish)

3. Spring onions


1. Cabbage rolls stuffed with Asian vegetables

2. 400 degrees Fahrenheit should be set for the oven.

3. Bring water to a simmer in a large pan. Rinse the cabbage leaves under cold water, drain, and pat dry after blanching for three to four minutes until soft and pliable.

4. Process the pork filling ingredients in a food processor until well mixed, then divide into 8 equal pieces. Shape into long sausages.

5. Brush the marinade over one cabbage leaf. Attach a pork sausage to the stalk end and gently roll up the leaf. Seal side down, place on a flat baking sheet and repeat with the other pieces.

6. Cook for 30 minutes after brushing each leaf generously with marinade.

7. With a side of rice, extra sauce, finely sliced spring onions, and pickled vegetables serve hot.


Mix all the ingredients for the sauce together in a bowl—Reserve half of the sauce for serving.