Arjun Tendulkar Was spotted having Lunch With Danielle Wyatt

Danielle Wyatt, an English cricketer who plays for Sussex, took to Twitter to post a photo of Arjun Tendulkar, son of none other than great Sachin Tendulkar. The picture became viral very quickly on social media. Everyone is aware of the friendship between Danielle Wyatt and Arjun Tendulkar, and they have been spotted frequently hanging out together. The recent Twitter post showed Arjun Tendulkar having lunch at Nando’s in the Soho area of London. The young Tendulkar is pictured having lunch in Nando's, Soho London. The post immediately got viral with rumours of Tendulkar and Wyatt dating spread. Arjun is an athlete and a cricketer. He is very specific about what he eats. In the photo, he can be seen having a great lunch at the Nando's which is located at London's SOHO. If you visit London, you must eat at Nando's. The Twitter post read Good to see my little mate for a Nandos yesterday," Wyatt captioned the pic. Arjun who is currently on a vacation in the United Kingdom was seen relishing some chicken from the good old Nando’s who are known for their chicken dishes.

This well-known restaurant chain is famous for its chicken and its amazing homemade sauces. He can be seen having grilled chicken with some sides. The chicken is tender, soft and juicy and comes in a variety of dishes. They have a whole different section in their menu for chicken platters, known as Peri Peri Chicken. It features dishes like a Chicken butterfly, 4 boneless chicken thighs, 5 chicken wings, 3 chicken wings etc. The place also has a vegetarian menu that usually includes pitta bread and burgers. And don't forget about Nandinos kids menu! The menu is quite elaborate and includes dishes like beanie burger, beanie patty, chicken burger etc. Nando's is a perfect fast food restaurant that serves amazing chicken dishes keeping in mind the calorie content.