Arjun Kapoor's ASMR Breakfast Is A Must-Try
Image Credit: Pexels.

Food related ASMR videos are the most soothing content to watch online. Of late, food vloggers have been uploading ASMR videos, often focusing on the snipping of the vegetables and the sizzle of meats. These videos have gone viral online. There are ASMR videos of many influencers eating food, making slurping and gobbling sounds while doing so. Following this trend is no other than B-town’s most dapper foodie - Arjun Kapoor. Giving us snack goals on a Monday, Arjun dropped an ASMR food video on social media. The video has footage of pancakes, showing how a pancake is made step by step. After the pancakes are plated, Arjun proceeds to pour maple syrup on them and devours them. 

Pancakes are a nutritious breakfast choice. Arjun’s pancakes had a lot of health seeds on them. Talking about the nutritional profile of this little treat, Arjun captioned his post : “How about some healthy pancakes for breakfast as your #Monday Motivation? 326 calories, 36 gm carbs, 16 gm protein, 14 gm fat. Satisfaction = Unmatchable.” Arjun comes up with the best ways to beat the Monday blues. The foodie has emphasised the value of food to garner a feel good state. Just last week, Arjun posted a couple of photos enjoying a plate of steamed momos with some spicy red chutney and captioned the post, “Your Monday is full of weekend fomo and I am busy enjoying my momo. We’re not the same bro.” Arjun’s dimsum binge was met with some unsavoury comments online, in which internet trollers called him out for not putting in enough efforts to stay fit. Arjun replied to the comments by putting up an Instagram story about how fitness is more than being just a body type. To one such comment on his dimsum post, which read : “Arjun Kapoor is getting back to 2011,” Arjun replied, “bhai main jahan bhi jaoon aap pehle na apna dekh lo...” Many celebrities including Arjun’s girl friend Malaika Arora put up statuses in defence of Arjun and against body shaming. 

Credit: Arjun Kapoor's Instagram.

), made for him especially by Chef Akshay Arora. Arjun posted a story of the fudge, tagging Akshay and captioning the snap, “Oh fudge.” The fudge looked delicious with a fluffy cake and a gooey chocolate filled centre.