Arjun Kapoor Relishes A Bowl Of Pad Thai: 3 Traditional Thai Recipes To Try
Image Credit: Screengrab of post/Instagram, Thai recipes inside for you to try.

The Bollywood industry is filled with hard-core foodies. Just like the Khans are said to be ruling the screen, the Kapoors are believed to rule the table too. The huge Kapoor family is a world of its own. From the veteran actors to the new-age artists, this Bollywood family has given us gems from all its generations. And the best part is that the foodie gene runs in all of them. Be it the zero figure Kareena or the fit mom Karisma, there’s hardly anyone who doesn’t qualify as a big-time food buff. Interestingly, not many people know this but Arjun Kapoor is Kareena’s uncle through an ancestral link and well, his love for food is now understandable. 

Although his tremendous weight loss had been the talk of the town when he first entered Bollywood, it is his passion for food that is now talked about the most. Relishing chapli kebabs or lal maas or picking on his favourite desserts for his cheat day, the 2 States actor has a penchant for all this hearty and meaty. However, we saw him digging into an Asian delight this time. He took to his Instagram stories to share a picture of a plate of Pad Thai and we are drooling. 

He captioned the picture saying, “Pad Thai For The Win” and tagged @akshayarora3. The plate looks really wholesome, with the flat brown noodles covered in soy sauce and filled with spring onions, mushrooms and garnished with sesame seeds. Here’s what it looked like. 

Source: Screengrab of Instagram Stories/Arjun Kapoor

This is a spicy and meaty pick, right off the streets of Thailand. Usually, pork is minced and tossed in some fish sauce along with green onions, shallots, cilantro and mint leaves. A dash of lime juice lends it a tangy flavour while the sugar balances the hotness. Sticky rice is mixed with it and it is served as a wholesome dish. You can also replace it with minced chicken if you want.