Arjun Kapoor Likes To Eat His Pizza, The Healthy Way
Image Credit: Arjun Kapoor/Instagram, He loves his pizza a bit too much.

When someone’s a hard-core foodie, it gets even more difficult to give up on one’s cravings. While there are plenty of actors in Bollywood who follow a strict diet despite being foodies, Arjun Kapoor knows how to do it best. His weight-loss journey and struggles are known to all. In order to keep himself in shape and maintain weight, the actor not only works hard in the gym but also practices a healthy diet. His healthy pizza is proof. 

Recently, the 37-year old actor came back home after a hectic shoot and he found a delicious treat waiting for him at home. It was pizza. For the unversed, pizza is an Italian dish made a leavened dough that is flattened out and filled with toppings. While pizza is usually classified under the category of junk food, Arjun managed to bring a healthy touch to it. Under the guidance of celebrity nutritionist, Akshay Arora, the actor has been eating healthy meals while satisfying his cravings. 

Healthy Pizza 

He took to his Instagram stories to share glimpses of a pizza and turns out, it is healthy. He captions the picture saying, “When you come home to the healthiest pizza!!! @akshayarora”. The pizza, wrapped in a foil, seems to be loaded with vegetables like bell peppers and onions. There are also chunks of meat that are well-grilled on top and of course, what is a pizza without cheese. So there’s melted cheese on the pizza too. 

Since the actor claims that it is a healthy indulgence, we’re assuming that the flatbread is multi-grain. This isn’t the first time he has expressed his love for pizza. Earlier, in an interview with a media publication, he claimed that he could eat a pizza every day if possible. A while ago too, he was seen eating pizza as a mid-meal snack. In fact, this one time, the actor took his partner, Malaika Arora out for a meal to share a Thai chicken pizza with her at a Mumbai café.