Are You Cooking Your Rice Correctly? 5 Tips To Find It Out

If we talk about a complete Indian thali, we just cannot forget mentioning about rice. This is one of the most popular staple foods in India and could be cooked in so many ways, right from steaming to boiling rice. But what is the right method of cooking rice? Well, let us tell you that there are two popular methods of cooking. In the first method, the rice is boiled and extra water which consists of soluble starch is drained out. In the other method, the rice is cooked until the same water gets absorbed. 

Video credits: Get Curried/YouTube

As per Mumbai-based Nutritionist Amita Gadre, there is more to it. As per nutritionist Gadre, there is a method of cooking rice which has been found useful and called ‘Par-boiling and refreshing water method’. In this method, the rice is parboiled in excess water and then the water is drained. In the next step, the water is replaced and cooked again by draining method. There is one more method in which the cooked rice is kept in the refrigerator overnight to increase the starch resistance. Best part? In this method, the calorie-content in cooked rice is reduced by around 15-20 percent.  

As per Gadre, one should adopt this method as it helps in reducing the arsenic content by 50 percent. Arsenic is found as a ground water contaminant in several countries and is present in many crops also. If rice is something you just cannot do without, here are 5 tips that you must take care to make perfectly fluffy rice every time. Here you! 

Choose The Right Type 

We all know different rice types require different cooking times and water ratios. To make fluffy rice, one must choose the right variety of rice depending upon the dish. 

Rinse The Rice 

Before cooking rice, it is essential that you rinse it. This basic step helps in removing excess starch and debris. To do this, just fill the pot with water and swirl the rice around using your hands. Then, take out the water and repeat till you see the water running clear. 

Water Ratio Is Important 

In order to make fluffy rice, one must keep an eye on the ratio of water. As per a standard rule, one should use two cups of water for every one cup of rice. However, this rule can vary as per the rice type you are using. You must always read the instructions on the packaging.  

Avoid Lifting The Lid 

When the rice is simmering, you must avoid lifting the lid. This is because the steam inside the pot helps in cooking the rice to perfection. When the lid is lifted, steam flows out and this can result in burnt or undercooked rice. 

Let It Set 

Once the rice is fully cooked, remove it from the flame and let it sit for at least 6 to 10 minutes. This duration helps the rice to absorb excess moisture and become fluffy. You can also fluff the rice with the help of a fork.