Apple To Prawn: Time To Try Some Salad Recipes Over Lunch
Image Credit: Salad Recipes

Salads are the most preferred method to showcase vigorous, seasoned veggies and fruits as it doesn't require much to make it a tasty meal. So, lighten up your lunch table with a colourful mix of hearty veggies and greens. Whether you are simply looking for a salad or desire to have a plant-based diet, you will get inspiration from the salad recipes below. From endive to Mediterranean salad, all the recipes are shared by Siddharth Dogra, former Sous Chef of CUT by Wolfgang Puck.

Mediterranean Chopped Salad With Prawns

Mediterranean chopped salad is a flavour-filled ultimate salad loaded with chickpeas, cucumber, bell peppers and fresh herbs. The blend of such flavourings will make it your new favourite salad.


  1. Marinated Tomatoes (marinated w/EVOO, basil, S+P): 14 grams or 1 oz
  2. Green beans (cross-cut barrel, blanched): 14 grams or 0.5 oz
  3. Greek dressing (see below for recipe): 42 grams or 1.5 oz
  4. Asparagus (cross-cut barrel, blanched): 28 grams or 1 oz
  5. Radicchio (cut crosswise thin ribbons): 28 grams or 1 oz
  6. Roasted peppers (cut into strips): 28 grams or 1 oz
  7. Grilled red onion (1 piece): 21 grams or 0.75 oz
  8. Olives (pitted kalamata): 21 grams or 0.75 oz 
  9. Romaine (cut crosswise): 28 grams or 1 oz
  10. Caperberries (sliced): 21 grams or 0.75 oz
  11. Artichokes (barigoule): 42 grams or 1.5 oz
  12. Cucumbers (1 piece): 42 grams or 1.5 oz
  13. Endive (cut crosswise): 28 grams or 1 oz
  14. Shaved parmesan: 3.5 grams or 0.25 oz
  15. Pine Nuts Toasted: 14 grams or 0.5 oz
  16. Feta (grated): 7 grams or 0.5 oz
  17. Mixed greens: 28 grams or 1 oz
  18. Basil Pesto Aioli (see recipe)
  19. Marinated prawns: 3
  20. Pinch of herb mix


  1. Combine all ingredients except pine nuts, marinated tomatoes and feta, into a bowl.
  2. Toss salad in a bowl with dressing and season accordingly.
  3. Place salad onto a plate and top salad with toasted pine nuts and grated feta cheese.
  4. Three large dots of basil pesto aioli and place the marinated prawns on top.
  5. Finish with Greek dressing and some on top of the prawns.

Endive Apple Salad

Endive salad dressing can be prepared and tossed in apples. Walnut oil provides the dressing with a nutty, rich taste, but we are using olive oil instead.


  • 2 heads red endive, cored and julienned
  • 1 tsp chive sticks, cut to ½ batons
  • ¼ cup spiced Marcona almonds
  • 2 medjool dates, julienned
  • 1 tsp parsley, torn leaves
  • ¼ cup shaved parmesan
  • 2 ½ tsp Tuscan olive oil
  • 2 tsp sherry vinegar
  • 2 tsp chervil sprigs
  • 1 tsp black pepper
  • ¼ tsp lemon juice
  • ¼ head fennel
  • 3/4 fuji apple
  • ½ cup frisse
  • ½ tsp salt


  1. Over a medium bowl, slice apple on Madeline with the julienne attachment.
  2. Repeat with fennel. Add remaining ingredients. Adjust seasoning to taste. 
  3. In the centre of a round plate, place a layer of salad. Layer in some shaved parmesan.
  4. Place some more salad on top. Again layer in parmesan. Then top with the last layer of slaw.
  5. Finally, ring the salad with a drizzle of Tuscan olive oil and pearls of 12 year old balsamic.