Anushka Sharma Had A ‘Pawsitive’ Morning, Thanks To This Drink
Image Credit: Image: Instagram/Shutterstock

Actor Anushka Sharma is a regular on social media, who is often seen sharing snippets from her daily life with her fans and followers. From her inspiring gym stories to drool-worthy vacation pictures, Anushka never ceases to set goals for us. But what we love the most about Anushka is her foodie side. She enjoys her croissants like nothing else. Need proof? Read more about it here. In recent times, the Bollywood star, who turned vegan a few years ago, was also seen noshing on some regional delicacies - including Bengali, Tamil, and Assamese. 

But her latest Instagram story isn’t about an Indian meal or a dessert. The actor-producer is drooling over her cup of coffee. Taking to social media, Anushka shared how she kickstarted her Sunday, and it’s all things cute. We could see a picture of her coffee cup which didn’t look like the regular brew that we enjoy. The top layer of her drink featured a design of the cute paws of an animal. Take a look: 

Isn’t that too adorable to miss? “Have a ‘paw’-sitive day you all”, Anushka wrote in the caption with a heart emoji. Well, we are all about to have a positive day indeed, and a cup of coffee is never a bad idea to start with. And if Anushka’s post has motivated you to go and rustle up a cup of coffee for yourself, we have some interesting ideas for you to try at home. 

1. Cappuccino 

One can never go wrong with the classics. One of the most preferred drinks by most coffee lovers, cappuccino is an espresso-based coffee drink, made with steamed milk foam. It is said to have originated in Italy.

2. Filter Coffee 

This South Indian staple never fails to impress our taste buds and refresh our minds. Filter coffee, or filter kaapi, is known for its intense flavour and aroma, which also has a trace of sweetness. This coffee is prepared in a special two-part utensil. The upper portion comes with a perforated base that allows the decoction to soak through into the bottom portion, which is essentially a container. To prepare this delicious hot beverage, you will need this device, which is available in most utensil shops in the southern and western parts of the country, or you can buy it online. 

3. Cold Coffee 

For those who love coffee but prefer it cold, the classic cold coffee is the perfect blend for you. Ready within minutes, cold coffee comes like a blessing amid the scorching summer heat, energises in minutes, and is a perfect companion to your morning meal.