Anupam Kher Makes Jalebis In Ayodhya

Indians and mithais have an unbreakable bond. Loaded with sugar syrup and other delicious ingredients, these sweet treats are a part of every special occasion. Rasgulla, gulab jamun, laddoos, peda, barfi, ras malai, shahi tukda, kaju katli and so on, the list of Indian sweets is too long. Each of them has a unique method of preparation which gives the right taste and texture to these mithais.  

Jalebi is another renowned sweet treat of India that is relished all over the country. Made by deep frying all-purpose flour batter in oil and then soaking in sugar syrup, this mithai is best paired with rabri. During winter, it is also served with a glass of hot milk in some parts of the country. No doubt jalebi is extremely tasty, but its cooking process requires a lot of effort. The biggest challenge is to make perfect pretzel or circular shapes while frying the batter in hot oil. 

Even the Bollywood star Anupam Kher feels the same. Recently, he was seen trying to make jalebis in Ayodhya. The veteran star shared a reel on Instagram where he is trying to learn the process of making perfect-shaped jalebis from the experts. Watch the full video here. 

In the reel, the 68-year-old actor can be seen holding a white cloth filled with jalebi batter. He starts making coils in the hot oil but unfortunately fails to get it right. The chef standing next to Anupam guides him through the process and he carefully follows the instructions. The post has got more than 13 lakhs views and 40k likes.  

Sharing the video, the actor writes, “Always wanted to try my hand at making Jalebi!! Never imagined that It is tough to go round and round. But I had fun!" His fans loved watching him making jalebis and said he can become a good cook. What would you rate your jalebi-making skills? Do tell us.