Anupam Kher Loves His Desserts, Here’s Proof
Image Credit: Anupam Kher/Instagram, He loves to eat savouries and sweets.

You may be a hard-core foodie, but it doesn’t always mean that you’d have a sweet tooth too. Again, there are people who may love sweets but are not overboard with savouries. For Anupam Kher, both seem to apply. The veteran actor can never say no to a plate of Kashmiri Mutton Curry or Saag. But, at the same time, he loves his share of desserts too.

His recent post is proof of the same. The Kashmir Files actor has worked tremendously on the big screen as well as in theatre. His great acting skills are always the talk of the town but what happened recently is quite fun to watch. The actor checked into a hotel in Mumbai and was relaxing in his room. Next, we spot him at the dessert section of a lavish buffet at the hotel. He pans the video and shows us all the decadent treats kept in front of him.

Dessert Platter

One could spot chocolate and fruit muffins, with fruity breads and deep-fried, sugar-coated puffs. The endless variety of desserts made him go haywire and we believe that it was his sugar rush that was speaking. In the background, we could hear him say, “Dekho kya kya darwani cheezein rakhi hain inhone (look at how scary things they’ve kept)”. 

In an earlier Instagram story, he was caught dining with his friends and enjoying delicious treats like kebabs and biryani. In fact, the very next day after that he was at a co-worker’s place for breakfast and ended up eating lots of good food again. There were chole, sandwiches, dhokla, and plenty of other dishes that are Anupam’s favourite.  

The actor has also shared his love for Kashmiri cuisine on numerous occasions. Remember the time he was invited for a family lunch to his brother’s place. His wife served him traditional Kashmiri food that he had been craving for days and seemed quite satiated at the end of the meal.