Anti-Microbial Bed Linen: How It Helps You Sleep Better And Be A Reason For Healthy Lifestyle?
Image Credit: Anti-Microbial Bed Linen For A Reason For Healthy Lifestyle

There is a prevailing notion regarding a healthy lifestyle that mainly focuses on eating healthy products and exercising regularly. However, there are some features that one requires to focus on to make a healthy living in a holistic sense. For example, bacterial infections are widespread and spread rapidly. A healthy lifestyle surely helps you keep safe to a large extent, but you need to widen your horizon considering today's time. For example, most of you wouldn’t have thought that bed sheets also play a vital role to keep a person healthy. 

Bedsheet and infection

It usually doesn’t come across a person’s mind that their bed can be one reason for them to catch infections. Every person tries their level best to maintain hygiene which includes regularly washing their bedsheets. But does that help? Does all that hard work pay off? Maybe yes. But is it necessary? Washing frequently is a task, but it also increases water wastage plus doesn’t ensure safety all the time. 

Dust mites and allergens

People might not know that there are up to 10,000 dust mites present in one gram of dust. This is because the textile industry has significantly grown, with so many innovations coming in now and then. Antimicrobial fabric is one such innovation that is increasingly becoming popular, especially in the healthcare sector. It controls terrible odours and fights against germs keeping your bed safe for a more extended period without washing it often. In addition, the antimicrobial element rooted in the textile offers constant protection against dust mites and allergens. 

Allergic reactions

The antimicrobial bed linen also increases the lifespan of the fabric, which helps the product to sustain longer, along with being non-toxic and bacteria free all the time. Furthermore, although bed linen ensures a healthy and comfortable sleep because of its resistance to foul odour, it also has multiple other features, such as it does not cause any allergic reactions, is safe to use for people who have broken skin and is dermatologically tested safe man and the environment. 

How do they work?

  1. Anti-microbial linens slow down the rate of growth of bacteria. Because of their in-built anti-microbial properties, these bedsheets do not need to be washed regularly as regular bedsheets. There are various ways of making a fabric antimicrobial. 
  2. One of the methods is to make the liquid material repellent and impervious. Liquid-proofing involves treating or coating it with certain materials like wax, PVC, polyurethane etc. 
  3. This prevents droplets of body fluids like sweat, etc., from seeping through the fabric and getting soaked into the bedding, consequently preventing the bedsheet and the mattress from becoming a breeding ground for infectious bacteria. 
  4. Impermeability can be evaluated by conducting several industry standards tests, like measuring tensile strength and tear resistance, determining their durability. 

Conclusion: An antimicrobial bedsheet provides you precisely that--a clean feel allows one to rest entirely as cleanliness soothes your mind and enables the body to loosen the tension for a peaceful deep sleep.

(Inputs by Sudha Anand, Founder of Swaas Home)