Ankur Warikoo’s Eggetarian Diet To Keep Him ‘Fat-Free At 43’

In the list of transformations that have left the internet astounded, entrepreneur Ankur Warikoo gave the netizens a reason to be impressed. Also known for his inspirational content, he shared a video of his fit physique while talking about a ‘3T Model’ that worked for him. Standing for Track, Train and Transform, the fitness plan which aims at helping in losing weight focusses first – on tracking one’s diet. He also swore by the effects of a calorie-deficit diet, changing the percentage of his dietary components like so – 40% carbohydrate, 15% fat and 45% protein. Reasoning that while a calorie deficit diet helps lose fat as well as muscle, consuming protein aids in replenishing the muscles.

Further sharing a detailed itinerary of his everyday eating patterns, Ankur kicks off his day with a protein shake at 9:30 am. Made with a scoop of whey protein, creatine, 1 walnut, 4 almonds, 4 cashew nuts, 5-6 raisins and supplements, the beverage precedes a breakfast of 200 grams of raw paneer, tofu, 3 wgg whites or tempeh interchanged with dal chilla. Eating a fruit at 1 pm, Ankur shared that his lunch at 4 pm includes 2 rotis made with emmer wheat, soybean or jowar that he eats with dal, sabzi and low-fat yoghurt. Avoiding a full meal to end the day, he also consumes another scoop of protein with yoghurt.

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As a side note, Ankur, like most others would have his cheat days when treats like chhole-bhature and sweets were his go-to. However, his goal of getting 7500-calorie deficit every two weeks ensured that days like these were rare. Signing off with a few tips about his experience, the entrepreneur emphasised on eating foods that one loved since the lifestyle change being permanent was the idea. Pointing out that lifting weights 3-4 times a week was one of the keys, Ankur also mentioned that eating the same meals was an effective way to remember and follow a dietary pattern. Most importantly, he says that it’s best to avoid relying on self-control and simply discarding junk foods of all kinds away from one’s living space – adding a disclaimer that while this plan might have worked for him due to research and experience, it might be completely subjective.