Anil Kapoor Welcomes Navroz With A Fruity Spread; 3 Recipes To Try
Image Credit: Screengrab of post/Instagram, Anil Kapoor wishes everyone a Happy Nowruz!

Navroz or Nowruz, falls on 21st March this year and is rejoiced as a Nav meaning new and roz meaning day, i.e. new day. Also known as the Iranian or Persian New Year, the day marks the beginning of a new year according to the Persian calendar. It is also a special day for the Parsis as they celebrate their new year too. The Parsi culture has a long-standing influence of the Persians because their ancestors used to live in Persia before the overthrow of their secular leader and the capture of Arab Muslims. This lead most of them to migrate to India and settle here. 

On the occasion of Navroz, Parsis prepare a host of delicacies, ranging from meaty dishes like Salli Chicken to seafood varieties like Patra Ni Macchi. Then there are a plethora of desserts like lagan nu custard that are also prepared on this day. Recently, Anil Kapoor took to his Instagram stories to share an image of a Navroz special setup and wish everyone a "Happy Nowruz" messageThe spread features beautifully-lit silver lamps, red and yellow flowers and the holy book of Persians. There’s a mirror with a designed silver frame on the side and a bunch of fruits that are placed on the other. It also has a long text explaining the significance of Navroz and its meaning. 

Source: Anil Kapoor/Instagram Stories

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