Ananya Panday Tries Mango Sticky Rice For The First Time In Bangkok

Actress Ananya Panday – whose love for all things sweet has been documented more than a few times, shared glimpses from her most recent work trip to Thailand. Known to enjoy sweet treats from time to time, the actress revealed that she tried the delicacy of Mango Sticky Rice for the first time. Captioning a picture of a half-eaten portion of sticky rice and fresh mango coated with a coconut milk sauce, she said, “Guys don’t over react but I’ve never had mango sticky rice before and I just had it and? Was I living under a rock? Wow?”

Expressing her surprise at how delicious the staple Thai dessert was, Ananya seemed delighted with her experience. The actress, who also enjoys indulging in desi sweets like gulab jamun, which she has confessed to being her favourite, Ananya also loves bingeing on cake for ‘breakfast, lunch and dinner.’ Having previously mentioned the fact that she eats desserts almost every single day, the actress had also listed other sweet favourites – fudge brownie, molten cake with ice cream, modaks and chocolate chip cookies.

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During her trips to Paris or other parts of the world, she also makes sure to relish pancakes and waffles for breakfast. So deep is her commitment to bingeing on all kinds of sugary treats, that she makes it a point to enjoy delicious truffles, mousse, French toast and tres leches cake back home in Mumbai. Now that’s what we call a true dessert lover!