Anant-Radhika Kickstart Pre-Wedding Functions With Anna Seva
Image Credit: ANI

As the grandest pre-wedding event of the year all set to begin today, Ambani heir Anant and his fiancée Radhika Merchant engaged in some community service. The food distribution event or anna seva, which has been an important tradition within the billionaire family for auspicious occasions, was conducted with the intent of seeking blessings for the couple, from the community. Serving up an authentic Gujarati meal of puris, potato curry, fafda, ladoo and barfi in Jogwad village, the couple were dressed in traditional attire as they went from person to person, distributing the dishes.

The diners were also handed individual bottles of drinking water, as large trays of food were sent around to ensure everyone had eaten their fill. Since the wedding functions have been slated to take place in Jamnagar – where the Reliance township is located, the family chose to feed 51,000 people from nearby localities. Joined by their respective parents for the event, Anant and Radhika were also seen interacting with those who were dining. The food distribution, which is expected to continue to take place over the next few days, is touted to be feeding 51,000 people in all, as A-list guests continue to pour in from all over the world.

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Furthering the ideology of Prime Minister Modi’s ‘Wed in India’ initiative, Anant has also previously divulged that guests attending the pre-wedding functions will get to experience a taste of true Gujarati craftsmanship and hospitality in the course of three days. The anna seva also caught a glimpse of Anant’s father, Mukesh Ambani take a bite of food that a villager had lovingly fed him. Radhika was also joined by her grandparents, as the guests got to relish some food, followed by a folk music performance by the famous Kirtidan Gadhvi.