Anant Ambani Plays Guide India’s 1st Elephant Nutrition Kitchen

Aside from the grand launch of the 3000-acre wildlife sanctuary that Anant Ambani established in Jamnagar, the director of Reliance Industries played guide to a news anchor to show him around what has been labelled as the first kitchen dedicated to elephant nutrition in India. In a video shared by a popular news network, the Ambani heir patiently walks the host through each aspect of the space, showcasing nutritionists hard at work in creating nourishing meals made with organic ingredients.

Starting off the tour with an introduction to a nutrition specialist from Germany, Anant then proceeds to explain the making of puck-sized ragi ladoos – one of the four types that are served to the animals within the sanctuary. In addition to this, two vats containing 50 kilos of khichdi were bubbling away, from which he decided to serve a small helping to the anchor. Upon tasting the khichdi and claiming that it was better than the one he had for lunch, the host was then shown an equipment that doled out tall stacks of rotis which were as big as a frisbee.

The initiative of the sanctuary, which has been backed by the Reliance Foundation, went on to show further glimpses of the kitchen where fresh fruit was being pressed to make juices for the old beasts who had trouble chewing solids. As Ambani labelled each of the dishes as one belonging to the elephants – lovingly calling the khichdi as haathi ka khichdi – he also shared that the animals were treated to popcorn if they took their medication without a fuss. Emphasising on how the recipes and knowledge about animal nutrition and care have been procured from experts of traditional medicine from various parts of India, the soon-to-be married Ambani also gave a sneak-peek into the cold storage where racks of freshly harvested organic Himachal apples were stocked.

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Serving as a refuge for rescued, mistreated and at-risk animals, the wildlife sanctuary kitchen will also be used to prepare meals for other herbivorous animals that are housed within the property. The sanctuary also contains a hospital for the treatment of wild animals, as well as high-end features like MRI and CT scan machines as well as hyperbaric oxygen chambers to track the wellness of its animals.