An Epic Food Trail Through The 5 Best European Places In Landour: Your Handy Guide
Image Credit: Pixabay, From Landour bakehouse to Emily's Rokeby Manor, the best of European fare at these cafes.

Places Included

  1. Landour Bakehouse 
  2. Emily's The Rokeby Manor 
  3. Clock Tower Cafe 
  4. Tip Top Tea Shop 
  5. A. Prakash And Company

There is hardly any dearth of options when you’ve got to pick a place to spend the weekend in the hills. The good part of living in India is that you get to experience the sands of the sea and the breeze of the hills within the same continent. The vast diversity of culture, history and landscapes is what brings the best of our country on large canvas. As a kid, I would eagerly read up about the hill stations in India and my first tryst with the hilly terrains was through the books of Ruskin Bond. The bibliophile and little traveler in me was very eager to explore the town of Mussourie through the eyes of someone who has lived the latter half of his life there. 

It was decades ago that the famous children’s writer decided to pack his bags and set up his abode in the foothills of Himalayas. Digging a little deeper would take you to a place which is a slight uphill from Mussoorie where Ruskin Bond lives and pours his heart out on paper, Landour. While Mussoorie might be the touristy place that most people have on their vacation list, Landour rarely finds a mention. And aren’t we glad? With a unique cozy vibe that is atypical of cantonment regions, Landour is a cutesy little town from the British Raj era. 

Although we’ve moved past the colonial rule, you would still find traces of their presence in this humble hill station in the Queen of Hills. Walking you through these cafes and restaurants, we wish to transport you to the European culture of the British Raj and give you a lifetime of experiences. 

1.  Landour Bakehouse 

If you say that you returned from Landour without paying a visit to the famous bakehouse, we suggest you take a U-turn right away. The rustic and homely vibes of this bakery and pastry shop located in the Sister’s Bazaar has a distinct golden signage with a bold green background. Nothing too lavish yet heart-warming, their sweet buns, madeleines and chocolate croissants wave an irresistible aroma. 

Where: Shop 152, Sisters Bazaar, Landour Cantt. 

Timings: 8 am-8 pm

Cost For Two: ₹500

Cuisines Offered: Bakery, Desserts 

Peanut butter to fruit jams, pack them all,