If you are a regular on social media, you must have come across the trend in which bakers around the world make cakes that look like everyday objects. Some bizarre, the others creative, pictures and videos of these cakes have attracted netizens’ attention time and again. Speaking of the latest, a Texas-based baker, named Natalie Sideserf, who is quite popular on the internet for her craft and creations, has now taken ‘baking trend’ notches higher.  

This time around, her creation involves three red apples, in which only one is a cake. In a video shared on Instagram, we saw three apples placed on the table. They all look alike, making it difficult for us to make out which one is a fruit and which is the cake. Take a look at the clip and try figuring it out yourself.

In the clip, the baker slides a knife through one of the apples only to reveal that it was a cake, while the others are the actual fruit. Amazing, isn’t it? ‘Real or cake’, Natalie captioned the post. No wonder the clip has gone viral on the internet, garnering over 1 million views and more than 59k likes, besides tons of comments. 

While many were amazed at the creativity and couldn’t guess the cake-apple, many could figure out the right one. “I noticed the difference because the sugar droplets catch the lighting differently, it looks slightly more shiny or bright,” a user wrote, while another said, “Took a guess based on the one that looked the most delicious and I was right”. Many other reactions also poured in. “That’s it, I am convinced I am a cake as well,” read a comment, while another user said, “I thought the table is a cake at this point”. 

Back in 2020, when the trend was at its peak, we came across cakes that looked exactly like dolls, stuffed toys, toilet paper, balls, vegetables, bags, and even a platter of chicken wings. Natalie herself prepared a platter of juicy and glossy chicken chunks, which weren’t savoury at all. In fact, everything, including the plate on which it was served, was a cake. It was hard to believe our eyes when Natalie cut into the platter.