Amritsar Woman Is Selling ‘Punjab’s Biggest Stuffed Parathas’; Inspires Netizens
Image Credit: Image: Instagram Reel by @youtubeswadofficial

The internet is a powerhouse of stories - some that shock us and others that surprise us. Then, there are tales that we simply admire, of people doing incredible things on a daily basis, especially after the pandemic. The Covid-19 pandemic affected many people’s lives and their livelihood. Several people are still trying to overcome the challenges thrown at them by the virus, and their experiences are hard not to get inspired by. Recently, we came across one such humbling story of a woman in Amritsar that will both inspire and motivate you at the same time.  

In a video on Instagram shared by food blogger Gaurav Wasan on his handle @youtubeswadofficial, we see the story of Veena, a street vendor who sells what Gaurav describes as the biggest paratha in Punjab. But what has impressed the internet is her inspiring story and hard work, after facing a huge setback in life. Her story is being hailed as a ray of light for many who have been facing constant challenges. 

In the video, we can see Veena cooking at her paratha stall in Amritsar. According to Gaurav, Veena had been working as a house help for 20 years, and she has four daughters to take care of. But, after her husband's death, the entire responsibility came on her shoulders. She wishes to give all her daughters every happiness, and thus to support her daughters, the strong lady now runs a paratha stall and makes one of the biggest stuffed parathas in the state. Take a look at the short video here:

‘Superwoman of Amritsar’, wrote the blogger in the caption. Ever since this video was uploaded, it has been viewed 503k times, garnering close to 60K likes and hundreds of comments of appreciation! While many people reacted using emojis and have said that they have huge 'respect' for her. Some requested the blogger to mention the location so that they can visit and help the lady. One person wrote, "Please share the location, I want to visit her," and "Please share the address I want to go to meet her." Actor Aparshakti Khurana also took notice of the video and reacted with a heart emoji.  

"God bless her," wrote one user, while another said, "Well done, sister." A user also wrote, "Hard work and that innocence on her face is inspiring. More power to her!" 

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