Hummus happens to one of the most popular dips around the world. This middle Eastern delight that is made with chickpeas and is thick creamy in texture is absolutely delectable to gorge in. This nutrient-packed dish is traditionally served on a large plate and is tossed with some olive oil and herbs. The main accompanied with this dip happens to be fresh pita, onion, cucumber salad and more. 

Hummus, known spelled as “houmous,” “humus,” or “hommos,” in Arabic means chickpea. Made from cooked and then well blended chickpeas, some tahini, lemon juice olive oil, garlic and salt great source of source of vitamin B and protein. Hummus has also been rumored to be an aphrodisiac. The earliest mention of Hummus has been are recorded in 13th century cookbooks. Chickpeas have been cultivated for centuries, and records have it that this is also the earliest crop that was grown in Mesopotamia, and was mostly eaten on the streets of Ancient Rome. Hummus also finds a mention in the writings from the famous Greek philosophers Plato and Socrates. 

Today humble hummus is used as Dips – the very classic way to have it or Pizza Topping – Hummus is seen to be used as a substitute to tomato sauce or Sandwich Fillings – in place of mayonnaise, salad cream etc hummus is used as a filling or even as Vegetable Toppings. 

Chef Ajay Thakur, Corporate Chef, Bayroute shares some interesting hummus recipes with us. 


This hummus sees Tusacn chiili/ Pic-Bayroute

 This hummus is infused with Tunisian spicy chilli pepper.


    Red bell pepper 100gm

    Dry red chilli 50gm

    Coriander seed 05gm

    Thyme 01gm

    Cumin whole 05gm

    Olive oil 50gm

    Red wine vinegar 10gm

    Salt 02gm

    Black pepper 01gm

    Celery 10gm

    Garlic peeled 10gm

    Boiled Chickpeas 150 GM

    Salad oil 60 GM

    Ice 19 GM

    Tahini paste 60 GM

    Garlic 2 GM

    Salt 4 GM


    Soak deseeded Kashmiri dry chillies overnight.

    In a pan add pomace olive oil.

    Add whole garlic, coriander seeds, and caraway seed, cumin seed, celery chopped, sliced onion and roasted red bell pepper and cook it till slighty golden brown.

    Then add soaked red chilli to it and cook it.

    Cool the mixture and grind it in the mixer into fine paste.

    Boil chickpea with salt and baking soda.

    Cool the chickpea and put it in the blender

    Add harissa sauce, ice cubes and salad oil and blend it in the blender.

    Add tahini paste to it.


    Harissa drops, fried red chilli, roasted black sesame and white sesame, parsley chopped and EVO. 


Another interesting form of hummus


Musabbaha, literally "swimming". This happens to be a variation of hummus that is much popular in the Levant.

    Hummus base

    Boiled Chickpeas 150 GM

    Salad oil 60 GM

    Ice 19 GM

    Tahini paste 60 GM

    Garlic 2 GM

    Salt 4 GM

    Hang curd 100 gm

    Boiled chickpeas 70 gm

    Lemon juice 5 gm

    Cumin powder 5 gm

Palestinian Dakkah

    Garlic 10 gm

    Lemon juice 20 gm

    Green chilli 20 gm

    Salt 5 gm


    Take 200gm of Hummus add 100 gm of Hung curd to it.

    Now add cumin powder and boiled chickpea to the mixture.

    Fry boiled chickpea with corn flour and refined flour.

    After frying coat it with sweet paprika, salt and chopped parsley.

    Plate the MusabbAha mixture in a bowl and top with Palestinian dakkah spicy dip.

    Sprinkle some cumin powder and top it with fried chickpea.

Garnish –

    Sunflower micro greens and EVO.