Amp Up Your Usual Dal By Using These Ingredients
Image Credit: Dal/Instagram- nikfoodamour

Dal is the staple food in India. In many households, dal is a must-included dish in either lunch or dinner. The thali seems incomplete if there is no dal in it. Dried, split pulses, such as lentils, peas, and beans, are known as dal in Indian cuisine. The world's largest producer of pulses is India. Dal is commonly consumed with rice or flatbreads like rotis or chapatis. In Marathi, Bengali, and Nepalese, the combination of rice and dal is called dal bhat. The three tenets of good health are adequate food intake, high-quality protein, and fibre for gut health; pulses provide an abundance of all three. Additionally, they include a significant amount of fibre, which keeps us full, maintains intestinal health, and also promotes heart health by assisting in the reduction of cholesterol. In addition, lentils have a low glycemic index due to the complex carbs and protein they contain, which work together to deliver a moderate, consistent release of glucose. They also include a variety of plant chemicals that fight cancer, particularly phytosterols and isoflavones, which are linked to a lower chance of developing the disease. Dal is usually made with a gravy of onions and tomato paste. Every dal has a distinct flavour and taste but when mixed with onions and tomatoes, they all taste the almost same. Want to amp up your Dal's flavour?

Here are some ingredients you can add to amp up dal's flavour-

Adding ghiya to dal gives it a soft and thick texture. Bottle gourd (calabash), chickpea lentils, tomatoes, chiles, and spices are used to make Lauki Chana Dal, a North Indian meal prepared in the Punjabi style. This curry has a rich flavour that is also acidic and slightly hot. It is also rich in nutrients as ghiya is very nutritional for humans and it enhances the dish's nutrient values when mixed with dal. Serve this delectable and nutritious gravy alongside roti or paratha.

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