Amp Up The Basic Japanese Bento Box With Indian flavors
Image Credit: Bento Box. Image credit: Pixabay

Japanese cuisine is as varied as the culture of Japan. Starting from sushi to chawanmushi, Japanese delicacy options can be endless. However, a Japanese bento box is the go-to midday meal option for almost anyone and everyone in the country. Filled with all the essential nutrients, a bento is a single-portion boxed meal composed of carbs, proteins, vegetables, and pickled vegetables or fruit mix in the ratio of 4:3:2:1. Below are some ways to amp up the basic bento box in the Indian way. 

  • Palatable paratha and pulao will do the work
    Our desi aloo and gobi ke parathe and veg pulao are rich sources of carbohydrates. A dollop of desi ghee on top of parathas can add necessary Omega-3 fatty acids to your meal too. They are perfect to fill the first compartment of a bento box and can be extremely filling for a midday meal.
  • Butter paneer or butter chicken for protein pomp
    A rich, buttery gravy with paneer or chicken would go well with the soft parathas and can be everyone’s favorite. Rich in protein and extremely flavorful, butter chicken and butter paneer can win every Indian’s heart. People who don’t want to go for the rich gravy can also opt for a simple curry or stir fry.
  • Navratna korma to the rescue
    Full of vegetables with delicious cashew gravy, navratna korma is rich in essential fats and fiber. The malai gravy will also give the bento a good color variation, making it look even more appealing.
  • Consummate the meal with your favorite pickle
    The crunchy carrot pickle or the sweet, tangy gujarati gorkari can add essential acidity to your meal, cutting through the rich gravies. Consuming the least space in a bento box, pickles are necessary for flavor variation and aid digestion.

Image: Pixabay

A variety of textures, colors, and flavors is the key to a great bento. And there isn’t anything of the aforementioned that Indian cuisine isn’t charged with. Being one of the most unique and varied cuisines in the world and filled with nutrients, Indian foods can make a great bento. Now get a move on, grab a bento box from your nearest store and start meal-prepping already!