In The Scenic Spiti: Your Guide To The Best Cafes In The Valley
Image Credit: Unsplash, Right at the hill top or near the Spiti river, these cafes would leave you with memorable views and tastes.

While most of us think of heading to Shimla or Manali during the vacations, the remote and lesser-known are often overlooked. The quiet green locales wrapped around with the high mountain range on all sides, Spiti lies in the northern part of Himachal Pradesh. A relatively unexplored gem of the hills that has started gaining prominence in the past few years still doesn’t top the list of touristy places in the region. A great Tibetan influence on their culture and cuisine explains the large-scale fanfare for momos, thupka and other delicacies. The beauty of the valley is concealed in its hidden nature and mesmerizing foliage. The glittering waters of the Spiti river flowing down the Himalayas is a sight to behold. 

Categorised as a cold desert area, Spiti is bound by Tibet, Ladakh and Kinnaur, making it a scenic mountain valley. Owing to its geographical location, Spiti derives its name from Tibetan language which means middle land. Enjoying the cool breeze sweeping past your face and overlooking a jagged mountain valley, Spiti offers a delicious culinary spread too. If you’re heading out on a road trip to Spiti soon, these cafe recommendations are going to come in handy for amazing food. 

Best Cafes In Spiti 

1.  Café Kunzum Top 

Spiti is home to lots of monasteries, given its proximity to Tibet. This hill top café is situated near the Tabo monastery in Spiti. Named after the Kunzum pass that connects Spiti with Lahaul, the café offers a range of Tibetan delicacies. From hot momos to thupka, you can relish all of this and more. If you’re here, do not miss out on the coffee. 

Source: I Ponder A Lot/Instagram

2.  Café Zomsa 

The pleasant and relaxing vibe of this place is what allures tourists to trek up to the high-altitude Kaza. With the breeze hitting your face and the beautiful view on their terrace, you cannot help but spend hours soaking in the natural wonders. Serving great Indian and Italian delicacies, their thin-crust cheesy overload pizza is to die for. The live music and ambience adds to the vivacity of the place. 

Source: Cafe Zomsa/Instagram

3.  Yak Café 

Yet another hidden gem in Kaza, the Yak café has a menu full of Tibetan and Chinese dishes. With easy accessibility for locals and tourists, the café has managed to tug at the heartstrings of the people with their momos, thenthuk and other traditional preparations. 

4.  Sol Café 

This one is a café with a cause. Not only are you going to meet some of the most extraordinary fellow travelers at this eating joint, you will also create some memorable experiences and conversations. Run by a group of volunteers, the café earns its living through your contributions in terms of eating and buying food. From comfy bean bags and colourful interiors to fun-filled movie nights, the café has everything one could ask for. And the food of course is great along with super aromatic coffee. 

Source: Sol Cafe Spiti/Instagram

5.  The Himalayan Café 

Be it Indian, Chinese or Tibetan, you will find a wide array of pan-Asian delicacies at this food and travel lounge. The place is adept with loads of magnets and souvenirs on the entry door and the moment you enter, you are transported to a whole new world. It is the perfect place for like-minded travelers to jam. 

Source: The Himalayan Cafe Kaza/Instagram