Amid Skyrocketing Ginger Prices, 5 Handy Tips To Store Ginger

Ginger, the most common kitchen ingredient, makes its way to dishes, desserts, and even medicines. And these days, ginger is all over the news because of its skyrocketing prices. After tomatoes, ginger prices have also started burning holes in the pockets of the common man. As per some sources, the price of ginger is around Rs 300 per kg in Kerala, while it ranges from Rs 220 to Rs 250 per kg in other parts of the country. So, should you stop using ginger? Well, NO! 

Ginger is not just known for adding flavours but it is also known for its high nutritional value. From digestive to respiratory issues, it is one of the most powerful ingredients used in Ayurvedic remedies. And we can’t deny that it adds life to the dish it is being put it. The increasing rates of ginger should not discourage you from using this small but essential herb or vegetable, isn't it? So, what to do? We have brought 5 handy tips that can help you store ginger for a longer period. Here you go. 

Video credits: CICI LI - ASIAN HOME COOKING/YouTube

Use A Paper Towel 

To increase the shelf life of ginger, you can store it with the help of a paper towel. All you need to do is wash the ginger and dry it properly so that it contains no moisture. Then, wrap the ginger in a paper towel and keep it in an airtight container for storage. Place the container in the freezer and keep it safe from air or moisture. 

Make A Paste 

Ginger and garlic paste is the soul of many Indian dishes, isn’t it? And you know what? This also is a hack to store ginger for a longer time. All you need to do is take some ginger and peel it. Cut it into pieces and make a paste of it with some added salt. Store the paste in an airtight container and keep it in fridge. Use it whenever you want. 

Use Vinegar 

Vinegar is the best thing to store kitchen ingredients. Did you know that you can use vinegar to store ginger too? For this, you just need to take some ginger and slice it. Take an airtight container and add ginger to it. Add in a good amount of vinegar and if not vinegar, you can also use acidic liquid or lemon juice. Adding vinegar or any other agent, helps in killing bacteria, germs, and other harmful microorganisms. 

Make Ginger Powder 

Dehydrating ginger can also help in storing ginger for a longer time. For this, all you need to do is peel the ginger and soak the excess water with a paper towel. Then, bake the ginger until it turns brown and crisp. Blend these crispy ginger slices and form a dry paste. Store it in an airtight container and use whenever you want. 

Store Ginger Peels 

This may shock you, but you can also use ginger peels. Yes, it is as useful as the core ginger itself. To utilize ginger peels, all you need to do is clean ginger and dry it properly. Then, dehydrate the peels and you can add it to anything you like. Besides, you can also make a paste of these peels and store it for future purposes. 

Give these hacks a try and let us know what worked best for you!