All About Selecting The Right Coffee
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It is common for Indians to kickstart their day with a refreshing cup of coffee. A strong cup of black coffee is enough to shoo sleep away while preparing for exams or finishing work. Cold coffee is a must-have with our favourite snack on a gloomy evening. And it is not uncommon to enjoy a cup of coffee without any specific reason while sitting on the balcony and gazing at the sky. 

India produces more than 3 lakh tonnes of coffee every year, and Karnataka alone contributes 85% to this. The history of coffee in India is around 300 years old. Baba Mudan smuggled seven coffee beans to India back in the late 17th century when it was illegal to take coffee out of the Arabia region. He planted them in the Chandragiri hills of Karnataka. And since then, coffee has slowly gotten hold of the Indian population.

At present, we can find a variety of Coffee being sold in the market that claims to be the best of all. There's a world of choices to select from.

All the coffee that is sold in the market is roasted. The difference in the taste of coffee comes from the technique of roasting. While the coffee roasts, it goes through two cracks. The point at which the coffee bean makes a popcorn-like cracking noise. The expanding bean causes noise as its moisture evaporates, and the heat causes the bean to crack. The first crack denotes that the beans are losing the outer covering. And the second crack beans go from light to medium roast, developing their original flavours. After the second crack, the beans get very dark and oily, with the roast character coming through, giving that darker, more burnt and intense taste.

While it's the aroma for some, it may be the strong taste for you or the amount of caffeine in it. It's not unusual to be confused while determining what type of coffee is best for you, or you may have more than one preference.

One of the essential things while selecting the correct type of coffee for you is to develop a sense of taste. Like any other beverage or meal that you prefer, there is a reason for it.

For example, you may like a strong coffee when working or studying, and you may prefer a sweet aromatic coffee to relax. For this, you can buy two different types of coffee. For a strong taste, go for a dark coloured coffee bean that has been roasted for a longer time and for a smooth flavour, go for a light coloured coffee bean.

You must also determine the amount of caffeine that you want in your Coffee. While most people believe that dark roasted coffee beans have more caffeine, that's not always the case. Opt for a lightly roasted coffee bean for high caffeine; medium and heavily roasted coffee for less caffeine, respectively.

Always check the label to check the date of roast. Freshly roasted coffee beans taste the best. So it is advisable to buy coffee beans instead of ground coffee to be able to enjoy the best taste.

Avoid buying beans that are labelled 100% coffee. This is mostly not the case, and it shows the ignorance on the sellers' part. Instead, look for good brands that have a good reputation.

Do not compromise on the quality of beverage/food you intake. It is crucial to have basic knowledge about your favourite product. This will help you to become an observant and healthy consumer.