Alaya F's Gastronomic Tour Of Paris; Try These Vegetarian Cafes On Your Trip To The 'City Of Light'
Image Credit: Alayaf Instagram

Alaya F's latest Instagram post are all about her Paris sojourn which has been packed with food, music and lots of fun time. She also happen to attend the show of Oscar-winning composer Hans Zimmer live. This happen to be the highlight of her trip. Along with sharing glimpse of the classic performance she also shared her foodie journey in Paris. 

Being a vegetarian was always on a hunt for something veg and she wrote, ““‘Twas a good day.. ⬅️SWIPE ! I found good vegetarian food, I saw the increeeeedible @hanszimmer live, i had the best piña colada I’ve ever had, I saw a pigeon cross the road and then I ate some more🥰”. Alaya is seen indulging in a wholesome burger along with a portion of fries. On swiping left, we can see pigeons and her time with a lip-smacking glass of pina colada. 

While she found some salad and posted saying “Salad— another, and a view like none other 👌🏻”

Well, she also expressed her trauma of being a vegetarian in Paris in a post saying “I just wanted some French toast and I got fresh toast 😭😂 real talk though, bring a vegetarian in Paris is hard 😂 when I ask what their vegetarian options are, they point at the fish and then I say no I can’t have fish either and they look at me with horror and pity.. and I eat fresh toast and salad😂”

But our readers don’t be disheartened if you are vegetarian and travelling to Paris. This city has many options for light eating and plant-based vegan food or veg food. Here’s our list of few of the best vegetarian cafes in Paris.

Le Potager De Charlotte

This plant-based café created by two brothers, shows the richness of plant based cuisine made from fresh, local, seasonal and organic produce. The recipes in this café that created by the chefs are 100% home-made and change over the seasons. Their rice and chickpea pancake or a pancake piled with fresh chives and cashew cream, or the trending soba noodles with roasted shallots are an all time hit.

42 Degrés

From the Green Zebra Rawzella’, a tomato filled with walnut cream, portobello mushroom burger, vegan cheese platter, , nori maki, raspberry tart, and chocolate raw cake, this place is a delight for all vegetarians. This vegan restaurant goes by the norm that the food will not be cooked at temperatures surpassing 42 degrees. This friendly café is a hit during lunchtime. 


This vegetarian restaurant sees some great organic salad bowls, an avocado-based veggie sandwich, parfait, brioches and cheesecakes on the menu. Pleasant ambiance, Supernature happens to be that neighborhood café that’s popular for its organic products.