Akshata & Narayana Murthy Bond Over Ice Cream In Bengaluru

The love for ice cream is not just reserved for a select few, because not even Narayana Murthy could resist his temptation for the sweet treat. With daughter and first lady of the UK, Akshata Murthy in tow, a recently shared picture on social media saw them enjoying a moment to themselves while enjoying a cup of ice cream. While Narayana appeared to have opted for the vanilla flavoured one, Akshata seemed more in the mood for something flavourful – like the scoop of mango ice cream that nestled in her cup.

Dressed casually in a pair of cotton pants and a T-shirt, Akshata also appeared to be holding a takeaway bag of an order in the photograph. Likely to have been captured around the time when she visited Indian with her husband and UK Prime Minister, Rishi Saunak, for the G20 Summit in September last year, the picture created a chain of heart-warming reactions to the simplicity and adorable nature of the two. The first lady of the United Kingdom, who has previously relished a millet-based spread during last year’s summit, particularly enjoyed the pearl millet salad with avocado as well as the jowar-jackfruit Haleem – both prepared by chef Kunal Kapur.

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