Agra’s ‘Cylinder Coffee’ Leaves Netizens Amazed

If there’s anything that has left foodies divided for a long time now, it is the battle between the hugely popular hot beverages - chai and coffee. This battle has led the way for aficionados of both teams to experiment and come up with surprisingly delicious versions of chai and coffee. These experiments have given us many of our favourite versions - from tandoori chai to kulhad coffee. However, we have a new competitor in the market that will surely leave all the previous versions behind. Yes, you heard it right. And this version will probably not only make the coffee lover in you happy but will also appeal to your creative side. Take a look:

The Instagram food blogger who goes by the username @whatsupdilli took to her Instagram handle and posted about Agra’s famous cylinder coffee. The street vendor is first seen mixing milk, sugar and instant coffee powder in a steel jug and mixing it uniquely. As the name of the coffee suggests, the vendor mixes using a cylinder. The high pressure from the cylinder results in a frothy and thick consistency in the coffee. He then finishes the coffee off with a generous sprinkle of cocoa powder over it.

In four days, the video has gathered around 194k views, 12k likes and exciting comments from netizens. Take a look at the comments:

“So delicious ❤️”

“Need this 😍”

“So good 😍”

The food blogger has also shared the vendor’s location to make it easier for visitors to make a trip to the place and try the coffee. If you are visiting Agra anytime soon, do drop by this stall on Fatehabad Road. Do try this cylinder coffee and let us know how you like it. Also, till then, don’t forget to try the coffee recipes that we have in store for you. 

Happy brewing!