After Fanta Maggi, Viral Jalebi Chaat Picture Is The Latest Food Experiment On The Radar (Fusion Recipes Inside)
Image Credit: From mexican jalebi to pasta jalebi, there are a plethora of jalebi recipes.

There is no dearth of food experiments in the country today. There is a very low probability that bizarre food combinations would have escaped your eye in the past few months since they are all over social media. The pairing of fanta maggi or mirinda omlette have left us appalled in the past and the recent jalebi chaat has only added to our misery. Just when you sink in the fact that a favourite dish of yours has been ruined and try to move on, someone comes up with an even weirder idea and leaves us in shock. 

This time, it is jalebi. Our beloved round jalebi has been the victim of these food experimenters. For the unversed, jalebi is a deep-fried sweet meat that is dipped in sugar syrup and served hot. The crispy and crunchy entangles of jalebi are often paired with a cold rabri and we cannot deny the fact how well it tastes. Quite recently, a Twitter user indulged in an experiment with this sweet dish and converted it into a chaat. Don’t believe us? Here, take a look. 

                Source: Mayur Sejpal/Twitter

In the picture tweeted by Mayur Sejpal on his handle, we can see the crispy jalebi hidden below a layer of curd. The dish is finished off with a garnish of sev, onions and papadi, reminding us of another favourite street food, chaat. The user captioned the picture saying, “Aaj Friday ki khushi me sabko mere taraf se Jalebi Chaat...” (To celebrate Friday, here’s a jalebi chaat for everyone from my side). Although the picture might not look unpleasant, when you actually come to think of the combination, it definitely feels like an abomination.

Several Twitter users reacted to this weird combination by expressing their anger and disappointment towards this action. While some couldn’t understand the logic behind adding sev and papdi to jalebi, some others were left traumatized as one commented, “meraa to khane par se visvas hi uth gya”.

Now that we’ve got such interesting experiments on plate, let’s take you through some more fusion jalebi recipes that you might like. 

1.  Mexican Jalebi 

What do you think is going to happen here? Season your freshly fried jalebi with Mexican spices and slather it with a creamy mayo dip. Place some tangy tomato salsa on the side and your fusion jalebis are good to go. Whether this interesting take on jalebi has many takers or not is a thing you’ll know once you try. 

2.  Jalebi Pudding 

Yet another desi-videshi combination to leave you amazed. This is actually a very simple and uncomplicated recipe with minimum ingredients. All you need is some jalebis, milk, eggs and dry fruits. The wriggly-wiggly pudding is bouncy and has the texture of jelly. One bite in and the flavours of jalebi will unfold in your mouth. 

3.  Seb Ki Jalebi 

Does your mother pester you for eating apples all the time? Then you could tell her you would eat it only if it is in the form of a jalebi. This classic sweet from Punjab has the goodness of apple slices dunked in a fermented batter and the sugar syrup is flavoured with saffron and coated on the jalebi. 

4.  Churros Jalebi 

With the twisty and knotted shapes of churros, jalebi is made from whole wheat and maida along with butter and castor sugar. These are then served with a thick chocolate dip by the side. The crunchy churro jalebis are a delight for the taste buds. 

5.  Chocolate Jalebi 

The love for chocolate among people has led them to create a delicious chocolate-flavoured jalebi. The jalebi batter is mixed with melted chocolate that is then fried into jalebis. The dark brown jalebis are an interesting fusion dish. 

6.  Pasta Jalebi 

Ever thought of having sweet pasta? Now you can. Dunk the pasta into the maida and yeast batter and coat it nicely before frying it in oil. A crunchy pasta-shaped jalebi is at your service.