After Burger King, KFC Launches Plant-Based Fried Chicken

The rising health and environmental awareness are leading a large proportion of the population to move towards sustainable food choices. One of these choices is veganism that is spreading amongst the masses like wildfire. Veganism has given rise to numerous plant-based alternatives to our regular foods and one of them is mock meat. Mock meat and meat alternatives have come a long way in the recent past and will soon make it to the mainstream. To meet the requirements of customers who have adopted a plant-based diet, numerous food chains are changing their menus. Recently, Burger King has introduced its vegan chicken nuggets in the UK and following the same path, now KFC has introduced its plant-based fried chicken in the US.

Kentucky Fried Chicken has collaborated with Beyond Meat- a company selling meat made from plant-based protein to launch its range of plant-based fried chicken in the US. The special fried chicken will be sold in KFC outlets in the US starting from 10th January 2022. The fried chicken nuggets(nuggets it fried chicken?) will come in six-piece packs that will be priced at USD 6.99.

According to Fast Company- an American business magazine, the protein used to make this special plant-based fried chicken is designed to shred like a chunk of muscle tissue. The protein will also taste like the 11 herbs and spices that KFC uses to make its fried chicken. The trials had been going on for a long time but the product launch was kept on hold due to COVID.

Kentucky Fried Chicken is one of the first fast-food chains to have adopted a plant-based friendly menu. This new product will not only make the omnivores rethink their diet preferences but will also welcome a whole new range of customers who have adopted veganism. This product launch is also a step ahead in the arena of environment-friendly food choices that are the need of the hour now. Are you now a bit relaxed about your decision to adopt a plant-based diet? Do let us know what you think about this new step by KFC in the comments section.