Affogato - Add A Delicious Touch To Your Plain Black Coffee
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Affogato is a mix of hot and cold because it's typically created with ice cream and hot espresso. According to history, this drink was created in the late 1900s after the invention of espresso machines. Since the 18th century, coffee has been a status symbol, and it continues to be so in our lives. People throughout the 1800s and 1900s experimented a lot with their coffees, which is why we have so many different types of coffee today. 


Culture of coffee  

People may believe that coffee culture consists solely of going to Starbucks and ordering an ice blended mocha, but this is not the case. Coffee played a significant role in Europe when writers, poets, and artists gathered to discuss art and philosophy over steaming cups of coffee. Cappuccinos and lattes were favoured over espresso and hot dark black coffee. Around this time, the drink "Affogato" was invented. 

In order to experiment with their plain old black coffee, they tried putting a scoop of gelato into their cups which made it popular with the crowd and Affogato was officially introduced in the market. It is a beverage made to have after a heavy lunch or dinner but in some countries Affogatos are considered a dessert as well.  

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According to Italians, Affogato is served in tall narrow glasses and eaten with a spoon. Though the original recipe used vanilla gelato in the coffee, there are now many variations of affogato, which includes:  

Chocolate gelato affogato 

Caramel salted affogato 

Brownie affogato 

Strawberry cream affogato  

People have also been mixing 'Baileys' into their affogatos to provide a distinctive and unique twist, and this drink is becoming increasingly popular. 

But, no matter how many variations, the original recipe still remains the favourite with many, read on to know the recipe to make your own Affogato at home-  


Ingredients needed:

1-2 scoops vanilla gelato or plain vanilla icecream 

A shot of espresso or hot black coffee 



Brew one small glass of hot black coffee or espresso 

Put 1-2 scoops of chilled vanilla gelato in the glass 

Serve it right away. 

You can always experiment and use your choice of toppings( choco-chips, dark-chocolate, strawberries and anything you want to) 

What are you waiting for then? Go ahead and give this delightful recipe a try right now, share it with your friends and family and let us know how you find it, I am sure it would turn out to be your next favourite beverage or a dessert.