Actor Ravi Dubey’s Physical Transformation In One Month Is Breaking The Internet
Image Credit: Ravi Dubey was 10 kgs heavier at the time he started the workout.

Television actor Ravi Dubey took the social media by storm when he shared a recent post about his one-month physical transformation without taking any supplements or protein shakes. The actor revealed that he started working out a month back for a role that required him to look lean. He also revealed that he was 10 kgs heavier at the time as he was in post-recovery mode after Covid-19 in Punjab. Thus, he was unable to workout for a long time. So, with less than 20 days to shoot, he began a rigorous regime with a ‘calorie-deficit diet’. Take a look at his post:

“I immediately integrated an hour and a half of weight training in the morning and 10km jog in the evening in my otherwise 12 hour shifts this of course was clubbed a calorie deficit diet", Ravi wrote in his caption. He emphasized on the fact that he managed to have this transformation sans any supplements or even protein shakes, which otherwise people opt for with the amount of cardio he was doing.  

According to a report in Hindustan Times, Ravi took this opportunity as a challenge as he said “I wanted it to be organic as physical transformation takes a toll on the body. I have never been fond of protein shakes as they make me sluggish and I don’t like the taste, so I got protein from my meals.”

In his caption too, Ravi wrote about how he intends to make ‘no supplement transformation’ his lifestyle. He feels “eating organic in moderate quantities along with exercise and over all discipline is the most sustainable way of being fit in the long run,” while giving example of actors Akshay Kumar and Milind Soman.  

Ravi’s fans and followers were impressed and congratulated him for the same. “Incredible, Ravi bhai. You are always amazing.” wrote one user while another commended his hard work “Awesome dedication and commitment bud! Looking great as always.”