An X Thread On Underrated Gujarati Food Has Impressed Netizens

Who doesn’t love Gujarati food? However, some of the most delicious local Gujarati food often go unpraised by foodies because they’re not easily available outside the state. An X user recently took to the platform to share a thread with Gujarati delicacies which are not as popular but are appreciated widely in Gujarat.

“Gujarat has many authentic dishes other than Fafda and Khaman. They’re not available outside Gujarat. Many of them are spicy and hot. A thread on food items of Gujarat’s each place,” wrote the X user, with their first highlight, Ahmedabad’s Cholafali with green chutney. 

Needless to say, Netizens joined in pretty quickly and shared their favourite local and underrated delicacies from Gujarat. Since Gujarati snacks like fada, khaman, khandvi, gathiya etc are some of the most widely consumed snacks in the country, foodies tend to forget about other rich aspects of Gujarati cuisine.

Halvasan and Sutarfeni, for instance, are sweets particularly famous in Gujarati’s Khambat. Halvasan is a sweet, dense dessert made from coarsely ground wheat flour (sooji or semolina), ghee (clarified butter), sugar, and milk. Sometimes, it's flavoured with cardamom powder or garnished with nuts like almonds or cashews. 

Sutarfeni on the other hand is a delicate, flaky Indian sweet made from finely shredded dough which has a light, crunchy texture and a subtly sweet taste, making it a favourite treat during festivals.

Several Gujarati regions were highlighted in the X thread which now has hundreds of comments. Surat, for instance, boasts several local, delicacies which are difficult to find in any other place in India, be it the spongy Ghari or snacks like khamani and locho. 

Ghari is a dessert typically prepared during the festival of Chandani Padva, which marks the Gujarati New Year and consists of a rich filling made from khoa, sugar, nuts, and spices like cardamom, saffron, and nutmeg. This filling is encased in a flaky pastry shell made from refined flour and ghee and the pastry is often moulded into a round shape and deep-fried until golden brown. Ghari has a decadent and melt-in-your-mouth texture. Locho is a steamed Gujarati Farsan made from gram flour. 

Amdavad is another city which is known for its local foods, be it navtad samosa (made with lentil stuffing), galefa and chavani particularly the one found near the Old Ahmedabad Stock Exchange. Kathiawar’s Bhungla Bateta, Rajkot’s Taavo Chapdi, Rajkot’s Ghughra, Nadiad’s Bhusu, Bhuj-style dabeli and Rajkot’s Thabdina Penda are some of the other delicacies which were highlighted in the thread.