A Tropical Mango & Coconut Smoothie With A Gingery Twist
Image Credit: Courtesy Vegan Test Kitchen

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who think ginger is good and must be included in all shapes and forms in everything one consumes, and those who are just plain evil. We mean, can you imagine anyone saying no to ginger for any good reason? (Allergies? Okay, fine, we'll give you that. But only in the case of allergies. The rest of you good folks can just get with the ginger programme! And no, we won't back down. Ginger is the hill we die on!) 

Anyway, so, ginger in your drink. Let us proceed. 

You may have, in your desultory ramblings through the pages of this prestigious platform, encountered a recipe or two for mango and coconut smoothies. Now imagine this: you take that mango and coconut smoothie, and you add ginger to it! Boom: its health benefits go up by the power of 10! (Or maybe even 20.) This recipe that we sourced from the hallowed halls of the interwebz also advises that you pop in a liberal quantity of turmeric and a dash of cayenne pepper to impart the drink a very pleasant bite. 

Now what ingredients shall we be required to gather? 

Frozen mango chunks, half a cup 

One orange, peeled and chopped 

One carrot, peeled and grated 

2/3rds of a cup of coconut water 

3/4th teaspoon of fresh grated ginger 

1-1/2 teaspoons of fresh grated turmeric 

A pinch of sea salt 

A pinch of cayenne pepper 

The coconut water, carrot and orange go into the blender first, and are whizzed into a smooth consistency. Now, the rest of Club Smoothie's members follow: the mango, the ginger, the turmeric, the sea salt, the pepper! Blend, blend, blend, until smooth-ie. Pour with elan into a glass and sprinkle a little more cayenne pepper to spice up the drinking experience. Thank us later!