A Touch Of Authenticity Is What Makes These Vietnamese Sauces Famous
Image Credit: Vietnamese Sauces

Vietnamese sauces are an amazing way to spice up your food. They produce a complex and delicious flavour combination with just a few ingredients.

These are the five perfectly versatile sauces you can only find in Vietnamese cuisine.

1. Nuoc Mam

Nuoc mam is an iconic Vietnamese fish sauce that is used in many Vietnamese dishes. This fish sauce is made from fermented fish juice, usually anchovies and then mixed with salt. 

2. Nuoc Leo

Nuoc Leo is a Vietnamese Peanut sauce. Roasted peanuts in particular give a nice crispy texture to smooth pasta dishes or salads. Traditionally, this dipping sauce is made from peanuts, garlic, chillies, broth, sugar and salt. You can use broth of  pork, chicken or shrimp and If you are a vegetarian, you can leave out the broth and just add the tomato and vinegar.

3. Tuong Ot

Tuong ot tastes tempting with Vietnamese sandwiches. In Vietnam, Tuong ot is a hot sauce or chilli sauce that is usually made from freshly ground pepper, garlic, salt, sugar and vinegar.

4. Nuoc Mam Sa Ot

Another popular and fragrant sauce in Vietnam is Nuoc Mam Sa Ot. This aromatic sauce will delight seafood lovers. Like other Vietnamese sauces, this dip uses its Nuoc Mam base or fish sauce. This sauce is made from fresh lemongrass, sugar, lime juice, pepper and garlic. This Vietnamese dip is sweet, sour and spiced with mixed peppers and lemon grass.

5. uoc Mam Cham 

The most famous Vietnamese sauce, Nuoc Mam Cham, is often known as a dipping sauce. Nuoc Cham is a must if you want to try authentic Vietnamese cuisine. Nuoc Mam Cham is made from equal parts fish sauce, fresh lemon juice and sugar. Sometimes lemon juice can be substituted for another citrus fruit, apple or rice vinegar or even water. 

A little bit of manhandling is allowed ( as per the taste ) while making these sauces, but in order to get an authentic flavour, stick to the original ones.