A Tiny Taco Stand In Mexico City Bags A Michelin Star
Image Credit: Google Images

Everyone knows the importance of winning a Michelin Star. Restaurants and huge food chains toil hard to earn the famous French title. While you might think that only fine-dine places with fancy cutlery and a pleasing ambience would get a Michelin Star, a tiny taco stand located in Mexico City proves it’s all about the mesmerising taste and the high quality of food being served.

The taco stand, Taquería El Califa de León, is located in the San Rafael neighbourhood of Mexico City. As per reports, the taco just has a three by three metres space, which can only fit about six people at a time. After serving delicious tacos to the locals, Taquería El Califa de León has now made a place in the pages of history.

Reportedly, Chef Arturo Rivera Martínez has been working at Taquería El Califa de León for over two decades. He says that, to date, the place has four dishes on the menu. The people come back to the taco joint for the delicious taste and the quality of the meat used.

As per reports, the chef says that the secret to their tacos lies in simplicity. With just their corn tortillas, beef fillers, and red and green sauces. For just five dollars, the place serves a plate full of tacos with three meat options and their delicious homemade salsa. There are also some reports that suggest that Taquería El Califa de León is also the smallest place to receive a Michelin star so far.