A Step-By-Step Guide For Growing Avocados In Your Home Garden
Image Credit: Unsplash

Nutritious avocados give an instant taste boost to a wide variety of recipes. There's no shortage of avocado dishes to explore, whether your palate is for avocado tacos or a tasty salad. Even though buying a few avocados from your neighbourhood store might seem like a no-brainer, there's still a chance you could cultivate your own avocado plant at home. Only a few easy actions and necessities are required. See the list of instructions and tips for growing and taking care of your avocado plant below. It's also a great kid-friendly project, particularly for those who like working on gardening tasks.

Here's How You Can Grow Avocados At Your Home:

The seed of an avocado plant can be used to create more plants, much like a papaya houseplant that develops swiftly from an accessible seed. The big brown pit of an avocado is the seed. How to cultivate an avocado houseplant is as follows:

  • To sprout an avocado seed, put three toothpicks into the seed and hang it over a glass of water, broad end down.
  • Add enough water to cover the seed by about one inch.
  • Store it away from direct sunlight in a warm environment.
  • In two to six weeks, the seed should start to sprout. To promote greater root growth, let the young plant grow to a height of 6 inches before trimming it down to 3 inches.

How To Take Care Of Avocado Plants?

Avocado trees require little maintenance, and when grown indoors, they are often cultivated from seed—the fruit pits—which can be soaked in water or planted straight in potting soil. Sunlight windows are ideal for established plants. Throughout the spring and summer growing seasons, fertilise them often using a balanced granular fertiliser.

Most indoor avocado plants are novelty plants. You'll need to take your avocado outside if you want it to yield fruit and grow into the tree that it is, but this may only be possible if you reside in a warmer environment. Avocado plants, like banana trees, want full sun—ideally, six to eight hours of direct sunshine. Although potted indoor plants may withstand some shadow, they usually want the brightest available location. If you are starting from a seed, you may keep it on a windowsill in the light until the roots begin to grow and the first leaves appear.

For avocado trees to develop healthily and eventually bear fruit, they need direct sunlight. If you want to see fruit on your tropical tree indoors, you will need to supplement the sunshine with an artificial grow light because indoor sunlight is less direct and insufficient for these kinds of plants.